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As on April 2016




Tehri Dam & HPP (1000 MW) comprises a 260.5 M high Earth & Rockfill dam which is one of the highest dams of its type in the world, a Spillway System designed for PMF of 15540 cumecs and a drop of 220m, having one Chute Spillway and four Shaft Spillways and an underground Power House housing four Turbine/ Generator sets of 250 MW each, designed to operate with a head variation of 90 m.


Project was commissioned in 2006-07 and all four machines of Tehri HPP are under commercial operation. Besides providing much needed power to the Northern Grid, the command area is availing irrigation benefits from the Project and drinking water is being supplied to Delhi and UP.




All four units (Unit-IV, Unit-III, Unit-II & Unit-I) were synchronized with the Northern Grid in July’ 06, Oct’06, Jan’07 & Mar’07 and are in commercial operation w.e.f. 22nd Sep’06,        9th Nov’06, 30th March’07 & 9th July’ 07 respectively.




    Details of generation from Tehri HPP for the previous years are as under:









    Target (MU)

    Achievement (MU)




























































Details of generation from Tehri HPP for the current F.Y. 2015-16 and April’16 are as under:




Quarter/ Month


    Target (MU)

    Achievement (MU)


April – June’15




July-Sept’ 15




Oct –Dec’15









(F.Y. 2015-16 target 2920MU)














Approved Completion cost of the project is ` 8392.45 Cr. Including IDC plus contingent liabilities on account of arbitration award/ court cases etc, as per actual but not exceeding  ` 967.38 Cr.



The tariff for the period 2006-09 had been approved by Hon’ble Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) on 16.04.13. THDCIL had filed a review petition on 29.05.14. Hon’ble CERC  has revised upward the AFCs by `19.59 Cr.  For the period 2006-09 vide order dated 05.06.14. The tariff for the period 2009-14 has been issued by Hon’ble CERC on 27.01.15.  





Koteshwar Hydro-Electric Plant (400 MW), located 22 km downstream of Tehri, is an integral part of Tehri Power Complex comprising of Tehri Dam & HPP (1000 MW), Tehri PSP (1000MW) and Koteshwar HEP (400MW) to develop Hydro-electric potential of river Bhagirathi. It facilitate the functioning of Tehri Power Complex as a major peaking station in Northern grid as reservoir created by Koteshwar Dam having a live storage capacity of 35.0 MCM function as lower (balancing) reservoir for Tehri PSP. This plant is also regulating water releases from Tehri reservoir for irrigation purpose.


Govt. of India approved the implementation of Koteshwar Hydro Electric Project (4X100 MW) in April’2000 at a cost of ` 1301.56 Cr including IDC of ` 190.04 Cr at Oct.’99 price level. Standing Committee on Time & Cost overrun in its fourth meeting held on 18th July’ 12 decided that THDCIL will submit updated RCE incorporating anticipated Completion


Cost. RCE has been vetted by CEA vide letter dated 09.10.13 which works to   ` 2558.79 Cr including IDC & FC of ` 383.88 Cr at Mar’12 PL.

 General layout of the Plant  is enclosed as Exhibit-I.






All four units (Unit-I, Unit-II, Unit-III & Unit-IV) were synchronized with the Northern Grid in March’ 11, March’11, Jan’12 & Mar’12 respectively and are in commercial operation w.e.f. 1st Apr’11, 26th Oct’11, 13th Feb’12 & 1st Apr’ 12 respectively.




Details of generation from Koteshwar HEP are as under:










Target (MU)

Achievement (MU)




























Details of generation from Koteshwar HEP  for the current F.Y. 2015-16 are as under:













    Target (MU)

    Achievement (MU)


April- June’ 15








Oct –Dec’15









(F.Y. 2015-16 target 1180MU)






















·           Based on TAC advice, drilling of drainage hole at out let area of diversion tunnel total 346 holes have been completed. In addition 81 Nos. drainage hole in U/s of Bailey bridge and 10 nos. at EL 585  has also been completed. 

·           For creation of temporary plug inside diversion tunnel, aggregate and sand was sluiced inside diversion tunnel through 38 nos. large dia bore hole at El 620 M. It was decided to fill gaps between tunnel lining and sluiced aggregate, with cement grouting. Later on it was decided to fill gaps with under water concreting as some holes were not getting saturated with cement grout. The status of the fillings gaps is as under :


i)       07 Nos. hole–Totally filled with aggregate without any gap.

ii)      11 Nos. hole–Filled with aggregate and  gaps have been filled with cement grout.

iii)    04 Nos. hole–Filled with aggregate and gaps have been filled with underwater concrete.

iv)    04 Nos. hole–Filled with aggregate and gap to be filled with under water concrete.  

v)      05 Nos. hole–Filled with aggregate and gap to be filled with underwater concrete

vi)    01No   hole–Filled with aggregate and gap to be filled with cement grouting

vii)   Six holes are saturated with sand.

viii)  After saturation of all 32 holes and concreting at shoulder at D/s of aggregate, sluiced aggregate is to be drilled and grouted from tunnel top to bottom


·           At EL 635 M platform, all 8 Nos. holes for concrete sluicing inside diversion tunnel have been opened up and under water concrete has been sluiced. Sluicing of underwater concrete has already been completed. Further, drilling of 21 nos bore holes of 300 mm dia for underwater concrete sluicing at EL 635 M platform and inside Access Adit has been completed. Concrete sluicing through 7 Nos bore from inside Access Adit has been completed, further work is in progress.

·           Curtain grouting through 11 nos. bore holes just above diversion tunnel from EL 620.00 platform has been completed.

·           Excavation of Access Adit parallel to diversion tunnel from EL 635.0 M has been completed in about 47 M length i.e. about 78% work has been completed. Further, excavation of tunnel is on hold for drilling of 300 mm dia bore holes and concrete sluicing from inside the tunnel.

·           Drilling of drainage holes in Main Access Tunnel of Power House has been completed. Further preparation for fixing drain outlet device and perforated PVC pipes in drilled drainage hole is in progress.

·           Structural Work for face uplift at MAT Portal is completed up to EL 581.50 m. Architectural works between EL 570.00  to 578.00 m are in progress.

·           Curtain grouting at right bank from EL 570.00 m has been completed. Further curtain grouting at Right bank from EL 590.00 m is in progress.

·           Drilling of drainage hole from Dam galleries of EL 576.50  and 546.00  m has been completed. Further drilling of drainage holes from Gallery EL 523.00 m is in progress.

·           For slope stabilization above the area of diversion tunnel outlet, construction of concrete cladding wall in about 85 M at EL 585.00 m and 40 m at EL 620.00 m has been completed. Excavation from EL 620 to EL 590.00 in D/s of sink hole has been completed.

·           Placement of boulder filled gabion walls in length of  about 510 M length out of total 750 m is in progress. Placement of gabion has already been completed up to 6.0  m height in total length of 453 m.

·           Concrete placement for the construction of right abutment of steel girder bridge at new location is in progress.

·           Excavation and concrete cladding walls for construction of road up to left abutment is in progress.

·           For the stabilization of left bank between stilling basin and Bailey bridge, construction of retaining wall in about 150 m out of total about 190 M length has been completed.  Further works are in progress.

·           For the stabilization of left bank from Diversion tunnel outlet to new location of bridge cladding wall in 50 m length has already been completed. Further,  works of cladding wall in about 60 m is in progress.




Expenditure incurred by the corporation on Koteshwar Hydro Electric Project till April-16  is   ` 2809.14 Cr. This is including IDC & FC of ` 383.88 Cr.



During April-16, an expenditure of ` 3.85 Cr. has been incurred on Koteshwar HEP against budget estimate of ` 4.98Cr.


6.0     TARIFF

The tariff is being charged provisionally now as per Hon’ble CERC’s order dated 15.05.14. Hon’ble CERC has considered 85% of Capital Cost as on COD of the station while determining AFC for the period 2011-14.





1.0       BACKGROUND

Tehri PSP comprising of four reversible pump turbine units of 250 MW each involves construction of an Underground Machine Hall on the left bank of river Bhagirathi.  The main feature of the Project is the large variation of about 90 m between the maximum and minimum head, under which the reversible units shall operate. The operation of Tehri PSP is based on the concept of recycling of water discharged between upper reservoir and lower reservoir. The Tehri Dam reservoir shall function as the upper reservoir and Koteshwar reservoir as the lower balancing reservoir.


On completion, additional generating capacity of 1000 MW, peaking power will be added to the Northern Region (annual generation of 1321.82 million units). For pumping operation of reversible units during off-peak hours, the energy requirement will be of the order of 1651.66 MU limited to maximum of 1000 MW during off-peak hours. With the construction of Tehri PSP, Tehri Hydro Power Complex shall function as a major peaking station having an installed capacity of 2400 MW.


Govt. of India approved the execution of Pumped Storage Plant (4X250 MW) in  July-2006, at a cost of ` 1657.60 Cr including IDC of ` 81.64 cr. at Dec.’ 05 price level with debt equity ratio of 70:30.



CCEA has approved Revised Cost Estimate (RCE) of the Project amounting to ` 2978.86 Cr. including IDC of ` 405.04 Cr. at Apr-10 PL in Nov’11.



          Layout of Tehri PSP Project is enclosed at Exhibit - II 


3.1       Works already executed before award of EPC contract

Essential works of Tehri PSP already completed along with the execution of Tehri Stage-I & before award of EPC contract are as follows:

·                  Two Headrace Tunnels for PSP

·                  Intakes for Headrace Tunnels of PSP                                                          

·                  Transformer Hall constructed under Tehri Stage-I has been planned to accommodate Generator Transformers for the PSP also.

·                  Main Cable Gallery 

·                  Interface Facility (Civil works)

·                  The protection wall in front of TRT outlet up to level of   El. 622.0 M.

·                  Excavation of various Adits leading to Machine Hall, Down Stream Surge Shaft and link shafts to isolate approach of Tehri HPP from PSP works.

4.0       MAJOR WORKS

·                  Major works of the Project are being executed through a single EPC contract. Agreement for EPC/Turnkey execution of the Project was signed with the consortium of M/S Alstom Hydro France and Hindustan Construction Company and Work on the project has commenced w.e.f. 27th Jul-11 with a contractual completion time of 54 months. 



5.0       CIVIL WORKS:


5.1 Construction of Approach Adits & Drainage Galleries:


·                  Design & Drawings of all access Adits and Drainage Galleries have been issued.

·                  14 Access Adits to different structures (total 2146 RM) have been completed.

·                  Major portion of Drainage Galleries of different structures (total 1657 RM) have been completed.


5.2 Upstream Surge Shafts (3 & 4) :-

·                  Design & drawings for General arrangement, Plan, L-section, Excavation & Support of Upstream Surge shaft top chambers along with Grouting Galleries & instrument & monitoring details have been issued. Grouting details of existing HRTs have also been issued.

·                  Excavation of Pilot shafts in Upstream Surge Shaft (HRT-4 & HRT- 3) (total length 280RM) has been completed.

·                  Three Grouting cum Drainage Galleries around Upper Chambers of U/s Surge Shaft-3 &4, (Total length 327 Rm) have been completed.

·                  After completion of crown slashing, Benching with support measures in top chamber of U/s Surge Shaft-3 &4 is under progress.

·                  With 15.72% excavation done during the month, cumulative excavation in both the chambers is 66.15%.

5.3  Butterfly Valve Chamber (BVC):

·                 Design & drawings upto 1st benchincluding extensive support measures(cable anchors), and instrumentation details  have been issued:

·                 Excavation and Stabilisation of Drainage Gallery U/s of BVC total length 156 RM has also been completed.

·                 After completing excavation of 1st bench,  2nd bench with stabilization work i.e. rock bolting and Cable anchoring is under progress. With 1430 cum (8.9%) excavation done during the month, cumulative benching excavation is 3180 cum (19.79%).


5.4 Penstock Assembly Chamber (PAC):

·                  Design & drawings for Excavation & Support including Instrumentation and Monitoring of Crown slashing have been issued.

·                  Crown slashing of Penstock Assembly Chamber (PAC) has been completed. Installation of rock bolts in crown of PAC as additional support measures and  Installation of MPBX instruments to monitor rock behaviour during Benching in BVC (Structure adjacent to PAC) has also been completed. Benching in PAC will start after excavation of two benches in BVC.

 5.5 Penstocks:

·                  Design & drawings for Excavation & Support including Instrumentation and Monitoring of Lower Penstock chamber, Lower Horizontal Penstocks, Lower horizontal penstock Vertical Bend, Lower horizontal Penstock unit-8 junction with Power House Cavern, Upper Horizontal Penstock between PAC and BVC have been issued. 

·                  Excavation of Lower Penstock Chamber has already been completed.

·                  Excavation of all four Lower Horizontal Penstocks has been completed.

·                  Excavation of all four Pilot shafts of Vertical penstock (135 m each) has been completed.

5.6 Bus bar Chamber:

·                  Design & drawings for Excavation & Support of Bus Bar Chamber, Busbar Tunnels-End wall, upper horizontal galleries, Bus bar Shaft, Lower Bus Bar Tunnel including Instrumentation & Monitoring and Lower Bus Bar-Transition portion have been issued. Support arrangement for Bus bar tunnel over existing Adit 3A has been issued.

·                  Excavation of Bus bar chamber has been completed (Total length 92 m).

·                  Excavation in Upper Bus bar Galleries no-7 & 8 have been completed (Total length 113.10 RM & 103.70RM respectively)

·                  Excavation in Bus bar Galleries No-5 & 6 is in progress  

·                  BBG-5: 54RM completed out of 87.4 RM ,BBG-6 :95.9 RM completed out of 102.50 RM.

·                 Excavation of Busbar Vertical Shaft- 5, 6, 7 and 8 (12 m each) is also in progress.

·                  Excavation of Lower Bus bar Galleries no unit 5 (68.2 RM) and unit 6 (52.5RM) has been completed

·                  Excavation in Lower Bus bar Galleries no.7 and 8 is in progress  LBBG-7: 26.0 RM completed out of 52.5 RM , LBBG-8:  38.0 RM completed and 52.5 RM.


5.7 Machine Hall:-


·                  Following design & drawings for current/ further works have been issued :

Excavation & Support including instrumentation & monitoring for VSI Transformer Niche, Benching of Machine hall & Control room Area upto El 567 M (Penstock floor level). 

·                  After completion of concreting in service bat raft, erection of EOT Crane-I has been completed. Raising of columns up to EOT crane level is in progress.

·                  Excavation of upper Drainage gallery (total 468 RM) and lower Drainage gallery (total 533 RM) of Machine hall have been completed.

·                  Excavation in Control room area has been completed upto desired level (EL 567m)  

·                  Excavation in  Unit -5 , completed 5m below Service bay level (upto EL 576m ) whereas, in Unit 6,7 & 8 completed upto Service bay level.

·                  No excavation in Unit area could be done during the month,as excavation in lower BBGs and transformer niches (at service bay level)  were in progress.

·                  Cumulative excavation in Machine hall is: 156187 cum out of 220000 cum.


5.8       D/S Surge Shafts (3 & 4):-


·                 Modified Design & drawings for Excavation & Support , Instruments & monitoring of D/s Surge Shaft Upper Chambers including link portion, have been issued.

·                 After complete excavation of top chambers of D/s Surge Shaft -3 & 4 including Link Tunnel, Stabilization work for shaft widening is in progress.

·                 Pilot shaft excavation of D/s Surge Shaft -3 & 4 (74 RM each) has already been completed.

·                 Excavation of drainage gallery (EL. 596 m) around D/s Surge Shaft (168RM) has also been completed.

5.9       Tail Race Tunnels (TRT- 3&4):-

Design & drawings for Excavation & Support of TRTs have been issued.                                          

a)          TRT-3 (1070 RM ):

Excavation in Heading: 587.50 RM , Drift: 26 RM and benching :136.5 RM , and After pad concrete, reinforcement for invert lining in U/s TRT-3 is under progress. Gantry erection for overt lining is also under progress. 

b)         TRT-4 (1160 RM ): Excavation in Heading :663.4 RM, Benching : 93.5 RM 



5.10    TRT Outlet :

·                  Design & Drawing for slope stabilisation of TRT Outlet structure has been issued.

·                   Stabilization work i.e. installation of rock anchor and Cladding wall is in progress.


5.11    Ventilation Tunnel:-

·                  Design & Drawing for Excavation & Support, Concrete Lining & contact grouting have been issued.

·                 Excavation of Ventilation tunnel is in progress. (430 RM out of total 581 RM. )



6.0           Electro-Mechanical Works:



6.1: Status of Design & Drawings for EM works is as below:


Consolidated EM Design status for Tehri-PSP as on 30.04.16



Document Type

Total Document

Document Submitted

Document Approved

Pending at THDCIL

Pending at Alstom

Pending for first Submission







































L2 documents - 02 no. approved during month of Apr’ 16 is as under:


1.    Doc No. H-2157 20 SGA 00 104 X LD, Power House Fire Fighting – Layout and Isometric view of automatic HVW Spray System approved on 29.04.16.

2.    H-2157 20 SGA 00 116 X ED       , Power House Fire Fighting – Hydraulic Calculation for Hydrant System Network approved on 29.04.16.




(i)           EM SUPPLIES:



Ø  Draft Tube Elbow, liner & embedments for Unit No. 5, 6, 7 & 8 received at site.

Ø  Stator Frame & Stator Core Clamping arrangement (U#5) , Stator core laminations for U#5,6,7 & 8 (Lot 1&2) received  along with stator connections for Unit 5 & 6. Stator Frame for Unit # 6 received.

Ø  Stator Bar & Connections for Unit # 7 received and stored at Rishikesh.

Ø  Spiral case , Spiral case Extension pipe and Embedments for Spiral Casing & Stay Ring for U#5, 6 & 7 received at site. Stay ring for Unit No. 5 & 6 received at site

Ø  02 Nos. PH and 01 No.BVC EOT cranes with runway rails (2 lots) received

Ø  04 Nos GSU Transformers along with Spares and Tools received and stored at Mechanical workshop, Koti colony.

Ø  Embedments for BFV for  Unit No.5,6 7 & 8 , BFV U/S Sleeve for U # 6 ,U#7 and U# 8  is received at site. BFV D/s Sleeve for U # 5 & 6 received at site

Ø  Earthing & Grounding System-Embedded Earthing materials –Lot-1 and Lot-3 received at site.

Ø  Surge arrestor (3+1) with mandatory spares received at site.

Ø  Unit Auxiliary Transformers (21Nos), Station service Transformer- Transformer for breaking w/o grid voltage received at site.

Ø  CVT’s -03 Nos received at site.

Ø  Turbine Shaft with coupling bolts for Unit No.7 & 8 received at site.

Ø  Runner with Coupling Bolts for Unit No.6 & 7 received at site.

Ø  Following Equipments of Compressed Air system received at site.

Compressors (LP)-02 Lots, Air Receiver Tank-02 Lots, Air Dryer -02 lots, Pressure Reducer-02 lots, Instruments-02 lots & Miscellaneous items for Compressed Air System -02 lots.

Ø  Main Bus Duct – out of 08 lots, 04 lots received and balance under transit.

Ø  Busduct lot-1  and Auxiliary Bus Duct lot- 01 received at site.

Ø  Lower Shaft Unit # 5  and Upper shaft for Unit # 5 & 6 received at site.

Ø  Operating ring, Wicket gate Head Cover , Bottom Ring  and Miscellaneous items for distributer for Unit # 5 & 6  received. Pit Linear for unit # 5 received at site.


Ø  Cyclone separators- 4 Lots received at site.

Ø  MV Panels (Lot 1 & 2) for Unit # 5,6,7 & 8 received at site.

Ø  PIV Body & Plug for Unit # 5 & 6 received at site.

Ø  Generator Lower Shaft Unit # 5 received at site.

Ø  Fire Water and Cooling Water Pumps (Lot – 01) received at site.

Ø  Pumps for Dewatering & Drainage (Lot-01) with all accessories received at site.

Ø  Protection Transformer and Surge Protection cubicles for unit# 8 received at site.

Ø  Supporting Structure for main Bus Duct ( including Tap off ) for Unit # 8 received at site.

    Off- Shore

Ø  Stator bars for Unit-5 received and stored at Rishikesh.

Ø  Turbine Shaft with Coupling Bolts for U # 5 received at site.

Ø  Runner for Unit No.5 received and stored at site.

Ø  GIS & GIB equipments –

-             Item No. 20 – All the 04 Lot/Batches reached at site.                            

-             Item No. 21– All the 04 Lots/Batches received at site.

Ø  Circuit breakers (05 Nos) for GIS/GIB received at site.

Ø  Filler wire (Lot 1 & 2) and flux (Lot1&2) for penstock fabrication work received at site.


6.3 Status of Erection / fabrication:

Ø Fixing of embedments in crane beam in Machine hall has been completed (Total length 362 RM). Erection work of Power house EOT crane completed.

Ø Erection of GIS and GIB works started on 24.09.2015.

Ø GIS– Erection work of circuit breakers 15 Nos. have been completed for all Unit & Lines.

Ø All the work completed except interface and connection of between GSU Transformer.

Ø  GIB45 m line is completed (RYB) from line side to toward Port Yard and balance work is under progress.

Ø  Erection of control panels for Units and lines is in Progress at Transformer Hall.

Ø  Laying of Control cables for Units and lines is in Progress.

Hydro- Mechanical Works:

7.1                    Design & Drawings for HM works:


Level-1 Design document


·   Level-1 Design of HM equipment including penstock steel liner has been approved.

Level – 2 Design documents


a) Penstock Steel Liners

·   Level -2 Design & Drawings for Penstock Steel Liners including U/s Bifurcation, D/s Bifurcations & D/s transitions have been approved.

·      Revised document pertaining to Construction methodology of penstock is awaited from consortium.

·      Drawing pertaining to detail of hook for penstock ferrules had been received on 04-04-16. The same had been reviewed and approved on 20-04-16.

·      Revised document of Hydrostatic test procedure and arrangement drawing had been received on 04-04-16. The same had been reviewed and approved on 20-04-16.

b) Gates & Hoists

·   Comments on design and drawings pertaining to gate groove liner of draft tube gate had been sent to consortium on 19-02-16. Revised documents are awaited from consortium.

·   Hydraulic model test of TRT outlet is in progress. The Design & drawings for TRT outlet trashracks, Stoplog Gates and Gantry crane shall be submitted by Consortium after finalization of model study and Civil layout.


7.3 Status of supplies:

·   Steel plates about 7213 MT received at site.

·   Supply order for balance quantity of Steel Plates approximately 2000MT has been finalized and expected the same at Project site by May-2016.


7.4 HM Fabrication/Erection works:

·   Fabrication of Penstock Steel liners is under progress and 591 ferrules completed out of total 600 ferrules.



Physical progress of project works executed till the reporting month of April-16 is attached as Annexure-I.



8     Issue to be Resolved


(a) Law & Order issue at Asena Quarry (Support of Distt. Administration is Required):

·         Local villagers are protesting and sitting on  Dharna near Quarry from 08.02.16 raising various fresh demands regarding rehabilitation, employment, training needs and financial help etc.

·         During the 9th CCI-PMG meeting held on 08.04.16 it was decided that DM (Tehri) will hold meeting with the local people in presence of THDCIL officials to resolve the issues and start mining without any hindrances. On 17.04.16 SDM, Ghansali alongwith police approached the site for resolving the issue but the work could not resume.

·         Dharna is still continued. Mining operations have not been started.


(b) 4.668 Ha. forest Land diversion case for dumping area at Village Chopra:

·         1st stage clearance has been given by Regional office, MoEF on 29.12.15. ` 50 lacs deposited by THDCIL on 27thJan 16 for compensatory afforestation.


·         In 9th CCI-PMG meeting held on 08.04.16 it was discussed that the identified 9.3 Ha non forest land in lieu of 4.67Ha forest land for compensatory afforestation is to be approved by DM ( Tehri) and declare the above land as reserve forest. It was decided that DM (Tehri) shall take decision on Non Forest Land identified for compensatory afforestation within a week. Matter is being pursued on regular basis with DM Tehri / DFO Tehri for the mutation of above land. Decision is still awaited.

·         G.O. for 4.67Ha forest Land transfer is to be issued by GoUK.

  9.0 Commissioning Schedule:

Due to encountered Class IV & V rocks, construction methodology had to be changed requiring extra work, heavy stabilization measures eg: cable anchors in various structures and fund crises with Civil Contractor. Project is expected to be commissioned by Sep- 2019.


10.0 Expenditure on the Project

Expenditure incurred on Tehri PSP Project till April-16 is  ` 1733.66Cr. This is including IDC & FC of ` 191.44Cr.



11.0    Budget Estimate V/S Expenditure

During April-16, an expenditure of ` 26.94 Cr. has been incurred on Tehri PSP against budget estimate of ` 68.25Cr.






·      Capacity addition of 444 MW in the Northern Region, reducing peaking power shortage in the region.


·      Annual Design Energy of 1674 MU (90% dependable year).

·      Integrated Development of Chamoli / Garhwal region in the areas of employment, communication, education, health, tourism, development of Flora & Fauna etc.


·      Out of 13% free power to the home state Uttarakhand, 1% shall be utilized for contribution towards local area development.






Sl. No.

Description of Approvals



Signing of MoU between THDCIL and GoUK for investigation & preparation of DPR



Approval of Commercial viability of the project by CEA.



Signing of Implementation agreement.



Approval of Techno-Economic clearance to the project by CEA.



Investment approval to the project amounting to Rs. 2491.58 Cr (March-08 PL) by CCEA.



Revision in “Minimum Environmental Flow” by MoEF from 3 Cumecs to 15.65 Cumecs. 



Stage-1 clearance of 80.507 Ha forest land by MoEF.



Final approval for transfer of 80.507 Ha of forest land by MoEF. 



Issuance of G.O. for transfer of 80.507 Ha of forest land by GoUK.



Signing of Lease agreement for 80.507 Ha. Forest land.



Declaration of Land (identified for compensatory afforestation) as protected forest in lieu of 80.507 Ha. forest land.






Investment approval to the project amounting to Rs. 2491.58 Cr (March-08 PL) was accorded by CCEA in Aug’2008. Considering the award values of Civil & HM works and Electro-mechanical works, no need has been felt to update the Cost Estimate of VPHEP at present as the project cost is not likely to exceed the approved cost by more than 20% of the sanctioned cost (Rs. 2491.58 Cr.). Mandatory review of the cost shall be done when expenditure amounting to 50% of the approved cost is incurred or it is felt that the cost of project is likely to exceed the approved cost by more than specified limit of 20%.                                              


4.0       MAJOR WORKS


            Major civil works includes a 65 M high Concrete dam, 13.4 Km long Head Race Tunnel, 3.07 Km long Tail Race Tunnel, Spillways, Underground Power House & Transformer hall,   3 nos. under ground Sedimentation Chambers, U/S and D/S Surge Shafts. The layout plan of the project is enclosed as Exhibit – III.





Construction of the project is proposed to be funded with a Debt: Equity ratio of 70:30. The Equity portion; 50% is to be shared by THDCIL and remaining 50 % is to be shared by GOI and GOUP in the ratio of 75: 25 respectively.

For the funding of the debt portion (70 %) of the project, loan agreement for US $ 648 million has been signed with World Bank on 10th Aug-11. The loan includes US $ 10 million for Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening (CBIS).The loan has become effective from 7th Nov-11 with tenure of 29 years.  






·         Geological investigations at all locations of the project and various required studies have been completed.

    Rehabilitation & Resettlement :


THDC India Ltd has formulated a Rehabilitation & Resettlement policy (R&R Policy) for the Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project. The Policy is based on the National Rehabilitation & Resettlement Policy 2007 (NRRP-2007) incorporating the better features considering the World Bank Guidelines on Involuntary Settlement and needs & expectations of the stakeholders.

The Policy addresses the R&R issues through proactive approach and appropriate Planning on Land Acquisition. Besides disbursement of compensation by Special Land Acquisition Officer (SLAO), the Policy envisages provisions of grants and other benefits considering the categories and the Entitlements.


For effective implementation of R&R policy, Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP) has been formulated so that after reasonable transition period, the affected families improve, at least regain their previous standard of living, earning capacity and production levels.

   Land Acquisition:


·         A total of 132.029 Ha. of Private land and forest land has been acquired for VPHEP of which 31.639 Ha is Private Land and 100.39 Ha is Forest Land.

·         The Implementation of Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP) and R&R related Activities are presently under Progress. The Project has taken over the possession of requisite 31.639 Ha. of Private Land across 7 Villages. Around 88% Title Holders (TH) have received Land Compensation from Special Land Acquisition Officer (SLAO). Of the 07 Affected Villages, only one village i.e. Haat is getting relocated.

·         In village Haat 20.337 Ha land has been acquired. Through District Administration 83 residents households have been identified. 74 families have signed agreement with THDCIL, 74 have constructed houses and 65 have shifted. 45 families have demolished their houses.

·         Meanwhile, it has been agreed to extend the Special Package among “Non-Residents” House Owners also as per eligibility. District Administration has verified the list of 50 Non-Resident HSO’s. The registration has been completed for 3 HSO’s & Houses demolished as well.

  Social Responsibilities:


·         Various skills up-gradation & income restoration programs are being undertaken for livelihood promotion and better employment opportunities for the Project Affected People (PAP). Various Trainings comprising of dairy farming, vermin composing, cutting & tailoring, knitting, kroiler management, Napier grass production, Production of cash crops, promotion of Tulsi for herbal medicines, horticulture activities, bee keeping etc. have been imparted to PAPs. Apart from this, Vocational Trainings in hotel management, skill enhancement activities, etc. are also undertaken, in coordination with various institutes like GMR Foundation, Dr. Reddy Foundation, and Industrial Training Institutes in nearby areas.

·         During August, 2015, knitting and tailoring course of 3 Months duration was started in village Salna. 34 women from village got benefitted. Similar Training commenced among Female PAPs of Haat residents from 8th April, 2016 at Relocation site at Daswana. The Trainer imparting Training has been deputed by Project.

·         The Public Information Center (PIC) established at Gulabkoti has been equipped with computers. A trainer has been engaged by Project & basic training on Computers is being imparted among youths of Gulabkoti & nearby village. Till date around 12 Youths have been benefitted. The local youths 5 in number interested in computers are being imparted training at present. Various community development programs in affected villages are in progress that comprise of; Infrastructure activities, drinking water supply, distribution of generators, school bags, School Uniforms, Sweaters, Solar Lights etc.

·         The Scholarship Policy of VPHEP is in the process of implementation ever since its introduction in 2010. An amount of Rs. 1.32 lacs, Rs. 2.49 lacs,                                     Rs. 3.08 lacs & Rs. 3.56 Lacs have been disbursed among Students in accordance of scholarship policy of VPHEP during the academic year 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 & 2014-15 respectively.


·         The 2nd & Final Installment of Scholarship under Meritorious, Project Affected & Poor / Vulnerable / Girl Students Category for the Academic year 2015-16 among 179 Students that comprise of 97 Girls under Project Affected Area of VPHEP has been disbursed. An amount of Rs. 10.95 Lacs stand incurred on Scholarship for Academic year 2015-16.


Till date, around 709 students that include 382 Girls from Project Affected Villages have been benefitted from the Scheme and a Cumulative Expenditure of Rs. 21.40 Lacs incurred.



 Infrastructure works:


All four bridges, approach roads to bridges, colony area, Dam site and Power house site, have been completed.          

Most of the infrastructure development works have been completed.  

The civil works of Dam Site Substation building has been completed. Supply of equipment has been completed. Installation of equipment is in progress. Installation of equipment in Power House Sub-station building by UPCL has been completed.                                                           

7.0   PROJECT STATUS: Project is being executed through two separate EPC contracts and one Design Review Consultancy Package.


1.  Design Review Consultancy:

     Contract Agreement for Design Review Consultancy Package has been signed on 28th Dec-13 with M/S SMEC International Pty Ltd, Australia amounting to INR ` 10 Cr (appx.) and AUS $ 557 thousand (appx.). The work is in progress.


2.      Civil works and Hydro - Mechanical works :



      Civil & HM works awarded to M/S HCC Ltd and agreement has been signed on 17.01.2014 amounting to INR 1597 Cr (appx.).

The progress is as under: 

·       Heading & Benching Excavation in the entire length (494 RM) of Diversion tunnel has been completed. Kerb concreting upto 239 m on left side and 255m on right side (out of 494m) completed. Overt concrete lining completed upto 117.7 m. Excavation of Cut & cover at outlet completed and at inlet it is in progress. All HM equipment for River Diversion are ready. River diversion is rescheduled on 8th Dec-16.


·         For desilting Chamber- 1, 100% pilot excavation (390 m) has been completed. Excavation in transition portion has been done in a length of 36.5 m. Crown slashing in DC-1 is in progress and achieved in a length of 133.5 m.

·         For desilting Chamber- 2, 100% pilot excavation (390 m) has been completed. Excavation in u/s transition portion completed upto 29.5m out of 35m & u/s side slashing  completed upto 18 m.

·          For desilting Chamber- 3, Pilot tunnel of 8 m dia. in a total length of 110.6 RM has been excavated out of total 390 RM.

·         In Adit to HRT (Adit – 2), 100% excavation completed on 13th March-16 under Very good rating. Excavation of HRT by DBM from dam site started on 25.03.2016 & completed upto 4m.

·         In Adit to Intake, 100% excavation completed on 26.03.2016.

·         Excavation of Offtake adit to intake tunnels (EL 1242m) started on 10.04.16 and completed upto 11.5m.

·         Excavation of Adit to SFT started on 12.04.16 & completed upto 7.5m.

·         Excavation of Branch Tunnel-1 (from HRT to DC-1) started on 30.03.16 & completed upto 6m.

·         Adit to HRT gate operation chamber has been excavated in a length of 162.5m from the portal.   

·         Open excavation in left bank Dam area above EL 1270 is in progress.

·         In Ventilation Tunnel (VT) / Adit to Power House Top, 100% excavation (415 RM) has been completed on 27.11.2015.

·         Excavation of Pilot Tunnel in Power House could be done only in a length of 108 m out of total length 146m.    

·         Excavation in Branch Adit to transformer Hall Top (from ventilation Tunnel) completed on 05.03.2016. Excavation of Pilot tunnel in Transformer hall completed in a length of 60 m out of 142m. 

·         In Main Access Tunnel (MAT), excavation has been done upto a length of 295 RM out of 407 RM.

·         In Adit to TRT, excavation has been done up to a length of 316 RM out of 609 RM.

·         Development of TBM Platform (300m x 75 m) is in progress. 95% excavation work has been completed. Foundation & cable trench works for DG sets are in progress. Approach road to TBM platform for transportation of TBM is in progress in patches amid resistance by some local residents.

·        Open excavation in TRT (Tail Race Tunnel): Progress in outlet area is affected due to frequent stoppage by local villagers.

·        After completing Portal development works, excavation in bottom Adit to U/S Surge shaft has been completed in a length of 10 m.



·         Honb’le District Court against THDCIL’s petitions has passed orders for temporary injunction to restrain the residents of village Haat / Harsaari (Power House site) and Gulabkoti (Dam site) from creating any obstruction. Next dates of hearing are                  03.05.2016 (For dam site) and 18.05.2016 (For Power House). For Durgapur village (TRT outlet area), as agreed with the villagers in the meeting with DM on 08.04.2015, required studies are being conducted by NIRM. Villagers have been advised by the Distt. Administration not to stop the work. A case has been filed against local Durgapur villagers in Honb’le District Court. Next date of hearing is 04.05.2016.


·         The works at various work fronts were in progress with minor hindrances by the villagers. Works on all the fronts of the project are standstill since 18.04.2016 due to strike by HCC workers due to delay in payment of wages by HCC. Though the payment of wages has been done by HCC on 22.04.2016 but the strike still continued for release of wages not paid to HCC workers during the period work was stopped by villagers in the dam site area from 18.02.2016 to 29.02.2016. The Local workers engaged by HCC are forcibly stopping those workers who are willing to work.


  3. Electro - Mechanical works:

Subsequent to signing of contract agreement with M/s BHEL on 18.11.2014, the progress is as under:

Model testing of Turbine has been completed. Power House Station Layout has been approved. Measurement of soil resistivity at different locations of project has been conducted. Storage space for BHEL has been identified   Crane clearance diagram of EOT crane for Power house and GIS Hall has been finalized. Balance Design and Engineering is in progress.




The expenditure incurred on VPHEP Project till April-16 is ` 831.87 Cr. including IDC & FC of   ` 28.94 Cr.




The project was originally conceived to be commissioned within 54 months from the award of Civil and HM works i.e. by July’2018. Contract for Electro-mechanical works could be signed in November’2014 with a completion period of 48 months i. e. by  Nov.’2018. As per Master Control Network prepared dovetailing the Civil & HM and EM Works, anticipated commissioning is Dec’19.



During April-16, an expenditure of ` 7.83 Cr. has been incurred on VPHEP against  budget estimate of ` 28.89Cr.





     Jhelum Tamak HEP (108 MW)         



·      Updated DPR for installed capacity of 108MW was submitted to CEA on 4th Dec-12. Examination of the updated DPR of the Project is under progress in CEA.

·      Proposal for environmental clearance was put up to EAC in its 67th meeting held on 06.06.2013. MoM uploaded on MoEF’s web site. EAC asked to submit a detailed note with plans of Nandadevi Biosphere Reserve (NDBR) and Valley of Flower (VOF) on the cumulative impact of Dhauli Ganga projects and mitigation measures to counter adverse impact on biodiversity of both NDBR and VOF for consideration of EAC in their next meeting while considering environment clearance. In the mean time Supreme Court (SC) in August’13 issued  directives to MoEF and GoUK not to grant any Environment Clearance / Forest Clearance for any HEP in the state of Utttarakhand till further orders. SC further directed MoEF to examine, as noticed by WII in its report, as to whether the proposed 24 projects (Jhelum Tamak is one of these 24 projects) are causing significant impact on the biodiversity of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi River basins. Final decision in the matter is awaited.

·      Land case for stage-1 forest clearance of 88.29 Ha land was submitted to GoUK on 30.11.2012.  GoUK vide their letter dated 25.06.2013 have sought some information / documents like approved CAT plan, Digital map in CD, NOC from DM and affected Gram Sabha in prescribed format etc. for further consideration. All the information / documents have been submitted. Meeting with Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, GoUK has been held on 10th Sep-13 for approval of CAT Plan. The revised CAT plan after incorporating the points of MoM is to be submitted by DFO, NDBR to Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, GoUK. GoUK has forwarded the case with their recommendations to MoEF, New Delhi vide letter dated 17th Dec-13.

·      Defense Clearance has been granted by Ministry of Defense on 05.03.2014.


Malari Jhelum HEP (114 MW)


·      The viability report of 65 MW has been cleared by CEA on 11.02.2014. Action for DPR preparation will be taken up after getting clearance of the project by Supreme Court.

Gohana Tal HEP

·      Feasibility Report (FR) of Gohana Tal HEP for installed capacity of 50 MW having estimated cost of ` 488.52 Crs. has been submitted on 31st Jan-2013 to Secretary (Energy), GoUK for approval of the scheme, so that DPR preparation work can be taken up.

Karmoli & Jadhganga HEPs



As per Central Govt. Notification, the projects fall in the Eco-sensitive Zone. Hence no activities are being taken up for these projects.



The above  five Projects of THDCIL have been affected due to the Supreme Court order dated 13th Aug-2013 directing MoEF and State of Uttarakhand not to grant any Environmental clearance or Forest clearance for any hydro electric project in the State of Uttarakhand until further orders. Final decision in the matter is awaited. 

THDCIL has also filed a writ petition in Hon’ble Supreme Court on 06.09.2014 representing the case of Malari Jhelam and Jhelam Tamak HEP.




Bokang Bailing HEP (330MW)


A proposal for undertaking drilling and drifting activities at project site was submitted by THDCIL in Sep-11 with DFO, Pithoragarh. After consideration of proposals at various levels, the Chief Wildlife Warden, GoUK has forwarded its recommendations on the proposal to Principal Secretary (Forest & Env.), GoUK on 17th Oct-12. SBWL in meeting held on 16th March-2013 recommended the proposal for undertaking drilling and drifting activities at project site. MoM were issued on 03.05.2013. Proposal was forwarded by Principal Secretary, GoUK to MoEF on 21.06.2013 for further consideration of NBWL and according permission for drilling / drifting activities at project site. DIG (Wild Life), MoEF, GoI on 02.07.2013 requested CWLW, GoUK to submit some documents so that the proposal can be considered by NBWL. All the documents were submitted to DIG (Wild Life). Bokang Bailing HEP is excluded from the protected Askot Musk Deer Park Sanctuary. The proposal has been considered by NBWL in their meeting held on 12.08.2014. In the meeting, GoUK has agreed to permit THDCIL for Survey & Investigation works as the project lies outside the protected area. Hon’ble Supreme Court, in its judgment dtd. 12.10.15, vacated its earlier order of not granting any environmental and forest clearance except for 24 projects in Alaknanda-Bhagirathi river basin. Addl. Secretary (Forest & Environment) vide letter dtd. 16.02.16 advised Chief Wildlife Warden, GOUK to take necessary action to allow THDCIL to carryout drilling / drifting activities. Order is still awaited. The decision of GoUK on THDCIL’s request for integrated development of the projects in Dhauli Ganga valley by the JV of THDCIL and UJVNL is awaited.






Towards diversification of the company into Renewable Energy areas, THDCIL Board has accorded approval for venture into Wind Energy sector.


EPC Contract for 50 MW wind power project at Patan wind farm site, Gujarat with its comprehensive Operation & Maintenance  for 20 years has been awarded to M/s Gamesa Renewable Pvt. Ltd,  Chennai on 30.10.15 amounting to Rs. 315 Cr.

Agreement with M/s Gamesa Renewable Pvt. Ltd, Chennai has been signed on 14.12.15.


Patan wind farm in Patan District, Gujarat, is about 50 Km of Radhanpur. The nearest rail head is Mahasana, Gujarat. 25 Hectare land is required for Project works. The anticipated date of commissioning is Oct 16. The status of work is as under :



·                     Embedment parts for all 25 locations have been received.


·                     90% Supply of Equipments and material for Internal and external lines has been completed.


·                     95% Supply of Equipments and material for unit sub stations has been completed.


·                     Nacelle (18 nos.), Hub (11 nos.), Blades (11 sets) and Tower (24 sets) received at site.





·                     Civil works such as steel placing and foundation casting for 20 locations 

           Completed out of 25 locations.




·                     Erection of 10 nos. Wind Towers out of 25 nos. completed.


·                     40% Construction and Erection of External lines and Internal lines has been completed.


·                     45% Construction and Erection of Unit substation has been completed.




                                             (UTTAR PRADESH)             

KHURJA STPP- (2x660 MW):

  • An MoU was entered on 31st Dec-10 with Energy Department, GoUP for setting up of a coal based 1320 MW Super Thermal Power Station at Khurja in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Power Purchase agreements have been signed for full capacity off take from the Plant.
  • THDCIL Board approved expenditure upto ` 20 Cr. through internal resources for preparation of PFR/FR/DPR and essential infrastructure facilities of Khurja STTP.

·         Pre-feasibility report & DPR for the Project has been prepared by Consultant     M/s NTPC. The layout and DPR of the project has been revised for the implementation 2x660MW project with provision of 3rd unit of 660MW capacity in future subsequent to re-routing of NH-91.

  • On 29th Oct’13, NHAI has conveyed their “in-principle” consent to re-route the NH-91. The cost for re-routing the highway including cost of land etc. shall be borne by THDCIL from project funds.
  • The validity of Terms of References (ToR) issued by MoEF has been extended upto 26th Oct’15. MoEF has also amended the layout of project, utilizing entire plot of 1,200 acres land, with future expansion of 3rd unit of 660MW.


  • Clearance for the construction of 275m high chimney for Khurja STPP has been obtained from Airports Authority of India vide letter dated 18th July’11. 


  • Upper Ganga Canal has been identified as an adequate source of water to meet the water requirement of the plant. Formal water commitment letter for providing 53 cusec water from Upper Ganga Canal has been issued by Water Resources Department, GoUP on dated 12th June’14.

·         Coal transportation and Railway siding studies has been carried out through Consultants M/s RITES. Final Feasibility report of the Railway Siding for the Khurja STPP has been  approved “In Principle” by Northern Central Railway vide letter 11th March, 15.

  • Out of total land requirement of 1,360 acres, about 1,200.843 acres of the land in

four villages of Khurja Tehsil in Bulandshahar district of UP has already been acquired by UP Govt. for non-agricultural use through UPSIDC and mutated in their name.

An MOU for transfer of the possession of already acquired 1200.843 acres of land to THDCIL has been signed with Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC) on 14th Dec,13.

·         Total amount to be paid by THDCIL to UPSIDC against 1200.843 acre of land has been worked out as ` 387.18 cr. including overhead charges.

·         Application for getting long-term coal linkage along with requisite fee has been

      submitted to Ministry of Coal in May’11.


·         Ministry of Coal has been requested vide letter dated 8th April, 15 for providing Coal Linkage to Khurja STPP.


·         THDCIL has submitted three applications on 27th Feb’15 for the allotment of coal

      block (1. Mahanadi, Machchhakata, 2.Chendipada, Chendipada-II and 3.Mara II   



THDCIL vide letter dated 17th Feb’15 and 19th Feb’15 addressed to Addl. Secretary and Secretary to Govt. of India, Ministry of Coal respectively, has           requested for favorable consideration for the allotment of coal block to THDCIL.


·         Ministry of Power has been requested vide letter dated 3rd March’15 for favorable consideration for the allotment of Coal Block to THDCIL. Ministry of Power vide office Memorandum dated 11th March’15 requested Ministry of Coal for considering the request of THDCIL for allocation a suitable coal block for the project.


  • An Office cum Transit Camp has been established at Khurja to facilitate interaction with UPSIDC, District Administration Authorities and affected farmers, taking over the physical possession of land and to establish site office on the acquired land.


  • Material for  PIB note seeking recommendation of PIB for incurring expenditure of            ` 585.82 crore towards pre-investment activities covering preparation of PFR/DPR including surveys/ investigations required for the project, conducting EIA study,  land acquisition, re-routing of National Highway-91, diverting village roads and expenditure for secure possession of the land has been submitted in Ministry of Power, GoI on dated 10th Oct’ 2014.

·         PIB memo for investment on preconstruction activities for khurja STPP has been  

      circulated on 9th May, 15 by MOP.


·         Revised EIA/EMP report has been submitted to UP State Pollution Control Board

on 19th May-15 for conducting Public hearing. UP State Pollution Control Board on 26th June-15 issued memo for conducting Public hearing on 1st Aug-15 which has been successfully conducted.


·         Approval  for incurring expenditure of ` 585.82 Cr. towards Pre-Investment activities (like land acquisition, rerouting of National High way etc.) has been accorded by GOI on 20.11.15.


·         Total ` 230 Cr. has been released to UPSIDC towards Ex-gratia and compensatory payment as installment to facilitate physical possession of 1200.843 acres of the land.


·         Vide letter dated 22nd Jan’16 Chief Secretary , GoUP  wrote to Ministry of Coal for considering allocation of Coal Linkage to Khurja STPP.


·         Ministry of Power vide office Memorandum dated 5th Feb-16 requested Ministry of coal to consider allocation of coal block for THDCIL project and also requested for considering long Term coal Linkage.


·         Out of 1200.843 Acres of land, physical possession of 50 Hectare land has been obtained.

·         Fencing for secured possession of the land has been started.

·         Establishment of site office (prefabricated structure) up to plinth level has been completed. 

·         Ministry of Power vide office Memorandum dated 29th April-16 requested Ministry of coal to consider allocation of coal block for THDCIL project.






Malshej Ghat PSS  (600 MW) and  Humbarli PSS  (400 MW)

·         To develop the hydropower in Maharashtra, Govt. of Maharashtra (GoMH) has allotted two Pumped Storage Schemes namely; Malshej Ghat PSS  (600 MW) and  Humbarli PSS  (400 MW) to the Joint Venture (JV) of THDCIL and NPCIL in April-08 for Survey & Investigation and Preparation of DPRs to ascertain the viability of projects, and for subsequent implementation of projects if found viable.


A.     Malshej Ghat PSS

·         THDCIL submitted DPR of Malshej Ghat PSS with enhanced installed capacity of 700 MW to the Secretary (CAD), GoMH on 16th Sept-10, therein also requesting to sign the MoU for implementation of the project.

·         Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister of Maharashtra in meeting held on 29th April-11 agreed for implementation of the Malshej Ghat PSS (700 MW) through JV of THDCIL and NPCIL subjected to approval of state cabinet. Discussions were held with GoMH on draft Implementation Agreement (IA) on 5th Nov-11 and comments of the JV on draft IA were submitted to Jt. Secy (WRD), GoMH on 18th Nov-11.

·         Hon'ble Minister of Power, GoI vide letter dated  17th Sept-12  and letter dated 21st March-13 had requested Hon’ble Chief Minister, Maharashtra to consider approval of signing of Implementation Agreement. In response, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra vide letter dated 4th April-13 has desired to discuss the issue with the concerned officials.

·         CMD, THDCIL vide letter dated 03rd May’2013 has sought appointment from Hon’ble CM, GoMH. Further, Director( Technical) THDCIL vide letter dated 28th Sep-13 to the Chief Secretary, GoMH, Additional Chief Secretary to CM, GoMH & Principal Secretary(CAD), GoMH requested for scheduled meeting with CM, GoMH regarding signing of IA for Malshej Ghat PSS.

·         Further Secretary (Power), GoI requested to Chief Secretary (GoMH) to convene the meeting vide D.O. letter dtd. 24.07.2013 and again Hon'ble Minister of Power, GoI vide letter dtd. 13.01.2014 to CM, GoMH requested for personal intervention in the matter so that issues are  discussed & finalised  at the earliest to facilitate signing of IA.


·         In reply dated 24th Jan-14, Hon’ble Chief Minister, GoMH has mentioned that matter is being examined through Principal Secretary (Water Resources), GoMH and shall back to MoP, GoI at earliest.

·         The said matter is being persuaded by Pune office with WR Deptt. and Chief Minister's office, GoMH. Accordingly officers of THDCIL & NPCIL had a meeting with Principal Secretary (CAD), GoMH in May’ 2014.

·         In persuasion with GoMH, the D(T), THDCIL vide letter dtd. 05th June’2014 had requested the Chief Secretary, GoMH for an early decision on signing of Implementation Agreement for Malshej Ghat PSS. Also a meeting is held with Jt. Secy./ CE, WRD, GoMH by Addl. GM, Pune on 08.10.2014.

·         On the invitation of Govt. of Maharashtra, a meeting was held on 27.04.2015 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (WRM & CAD) with the representatives of THDCIL & NPCIL for discussion on Terms & Conditions of Draft Implementation Agreement for Malshej Ghat PSS in which the J.S.  (CAD), C.E. (Hydro Project) and representatives of MSEDCL were also present. During the meeting the Secretary (CAD) informed that the State Govt. of Maharashtra is also willing to enter into the JV as a partner for implementation of the Malshej Ghat PSS with state share of around 26% to 30% in the JV Secretary (CAD) also desired that a Memorandum of Understanding / Share holder agreement may be considered between JV partners to identify roles and responsibilities of JV partners, till JV Company is formed.  Secretary (CAD) requested THDCIL to give a Road Map regarding issues and steps involved for implementation of Project through JV of State Govt. , THDCIL and NPCIL. They also informed that they would like to apprise Chief Secretary on the same and process the case for decision of State Cabinet for formation of JVC with State as a partner.

·         THDCIL has submitted the road map, on steps involved for implementation of Malshej Ghat PSS through the JV Company (along-with participation of State Govt. of Maharashtra), to WRD, Mantralay, GoM on 15.05.15 for their consideration.

·         The EIA studies have been completed and the draft EIA / EMP report is ready. The validity of TOR has expired on 23.10.2012 and fresh approval of ToR shall have to be obtained after signing of Implementation Agreement with GoMH.

·         In a Meeting  dated 19.11.15 Govt. of Maharashtra agreed  to implement the Malshej Ghat Pumped storage scheme  and other projects through the JV company ( along with participation of state of Maharashtra) of THDC India Limited (THDCIL) and Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL). Minutes  of meeting are yet to be circulated.



·                                     Approval of Infrastructure Committee of state cabinet is required before further

action. Consent on implementation of project with participation of GoMH with 30% share for JV has been asked from NPCIL and THDCIL.  Subsequently THDCIL vide letter no 4226 dated 30.04.16 assured the Secretary (CAD), Mumbai that if at any stage, NPCIL is interested in its reduced share in JV, or not interested in implementation of the project, THDCIL shall be willing to go for the balance of the share in the Joint Venture.


B.           Humbarli PSS 

·         The Humbarli PSS is located on the fringe area of Koyna Wild Life Sanctuary (KWLS) affecting six villages, namely; Torane, Gokul, Humbarli, Kaamergaon, Mirgaon and Deshmukhwadi.

The total requirement of land of KWLS is 70.80 Ha., out of which 47.623 Ha. is private land of villagers falling within the KWLS.

·      In May’2010 the revised proposal to carry out S & I works in 9.71 Ha. land covering 4.12 Ha. of Reserve forest land and 5.59 Ha. of Private land (falling under KWLS) was submitted to Conservator of Forests (through Executive Engineer, Koyna Dam Maintenance division).

·      On recommendation of the proposal by State Board for Wild Life (SBWL) in its meeting held on 28th June-11 in Mumbai, the Standing Committee of NBWL in its 31st meeting held from 12th -13th Aug’2014 have cleared the proposal for Survey & Investigation of Humbarli Pumped  Storage Project (2X 200 MW) in consultation with Wild Life Department.

·         Approval of ToR for EIA / EMP studies was obtained on 31.08.2009. The validity of ToR expired on 30.08.2013 (after four years of approval of ToR) as per the OM No. J-11013/41/2006-IA.II(I) dated 22.03.2010 of MoEF.

·         During the meeting of THDCIL & NPCIL held with Secretary (CAD), Govt. of Maharashtra on 27.04.2015, the issue of further line of action for development of Humberli PSS was also discussed. During the meeting it was appraised to GoM that that the tentative conversion cost of Humberli PSS on tentative updated cost is coming to the range of Rs 8 – 9 per unit. It was further upraised to them that for the Jv., it would be possible to incur expenditure on S&I / DPR only after a firm commitment on the part of GoM, on allotment of project to JV, signing of IA and signing of PPA for entire power from the project. Meanwhile a desk study may be carried out to review the project, particularly with regard to conversion losses (which are 30% as per State DPR), layout and sizing of structures, and to explore for enhancement of capacity of upper reservoir etc. 







Under India-Bhutan Co-operation in hydro development, DPR Updation work of following two projects was assigned to THDCIL

a)        Sankosh HEP (4060 MW)

b)        Bhunakha HEP (180 MW)



Sankosh HEP (4060 MW):

·         THDCIL had submitted updated DPR of Sankosh HEP considering Rock-fill Main dam option to MoP, MEA, CEA and CWC in Apr09.

·         CWC suggested that the possibility of Concrete Dam be explored for better handling of sediment as also keeping longevity of Dam in view. RGoB requested that sediment studies be conducted.

·         Cost Estimate for updation of Sankosh DPR amounting to ` 15.25 Cr was sanctioned by MOP. The agreement between RGoB and THDC was signed on 23rd Mar-10 at New Delhi.

·         DPR of Sankosh HEP (4060MW) with Concrete Dam option was prepared and submitted to CEA and CWC on 31.05.11.

·         In view of high tariff of ` 7.29 (levelised) at Sankosh HEP  Govt. of India and Royal Govt. of Bhutan decided that viability of Sankosh be further improved by optimizing the height of the dam.

·         Go ahead for preparation of DPR of Optimized Sankosh HEP was given by EJG. Sankosh capacity has been downsized to 2560 MW with design energy as      5900 MU. Average tariff has come down to ` 3.30 (levelized) with Roller Concrete Dam option (No Free power, No Corp Tax).

·         DPR preparation work for optimized Sankosh project (2560 MW) has also been completed and DPR has been submitted to CEA and CWC on 27th Aug-12.


Sankosh Main Dam Project:

                      Installed Capacity                            2500MW

                      Annual Energy                                   5949.05 MU (design energy)


Sankosh Regulating Dam Project:

                      Installed Capacity                              85 MW

                      Annual Energy                                   416.34 MU(design energy)







·         EJG Secretariat confirmed vide letter dated 30th April 2014 that the EJG during its 12th Meeting held in Thimpu on 12th March 2014 had approved the additional cost of DPR of Sankosh HEP for ` 70.022 Million without Service Tax. With this, the  agreement cost `152.50 million shall be revised to ` 222.522 million without Service Tax.

·         An Invoice amounting to ` 59.5187 millions has been raised to RGoB for payment against approved additional cost for updation of DPR. Part payment of  ` 9.52 millions has been released by RGoB.

·         During 13th EJG meeting, held on 18th Sep’14 at New Delhi, it emerged that  RGoB desires to fast track the project, Foreign Secretary, GoI expressed  commitment  to develop hydro projects in Bhutan but difficulty in fixing  timeline for this project as at present, it would not be possible to allocate any fund for infrastructure developments.

·         A meeting to review the status of DPRs of Hydro electric Project was held on 29.10.2014 under the chairmanship of chairman, CWC and member (Hydro) in CEA.

·         The quantities of C & J Works have been submitted to CEA on 20.11.14 for their checking. Approval on Quantities of C & J works of Sankosh HEP 2585 MW has been granted by Thermal Civil Design (TCD division) of CEA on 5th Feb’15. Reply of the comments on Construction Methodology aspects of Sankosh HEP 2585 MW has been sent to CEA/CWC on 27th Feb’15.

·         In Sankosh HEP, Site specific seismic study as per new guidelines of NCSDP (National Committee on Seismic Design Parameters) is to be conducted as  finalized  during meeting with Member (Hydro),CEA on 19.09.15 . The study shall be completed by March, 2016.

·         MoU with IIT Roorkee for site specific seismic study has been signed on 17.11.15. The report as submitted by IIT Roorkee has been submitted to CEA on 30.03.16 for their comments.

·         Out of `100.54 Million towards updation of DPR of Bunakha HEP and Sankosh HEP, part payment of ` 41.4 Million has been released so far by DG, Department of Hydropower & Power Systems MoEA, RGoB, Thimphu.


Bunakha HEP (180 MW):


·         After getting clearance  in EJG meeting held on 22nd March-10 at New Delhi, work for DPR preparation was taken up.

·         DPR of Bunakha HEP (180MW) has been completed and submitted to CEA and CWC on 30th Aug-11.

·         DPR now stands techno economically concurred by CEA. A formal TEC communication has been issued by CEA.

·         Final DPR incorporating all the suggestions of CEA/CWC/GSI has been submitted to RGoB on 21st Nov-13.

·         Bunakha HE Project is to be executed in JV mode. All the stake holders have signed the finalized cost sharing mechanism agreed for Bunakha. Ministry of Power had desired a draft Cabinet Note on Bunakha HEP for approval of grant and subsidy, which was submitted by THDCIL on 30.10.2013.

·         As per decision of Working Group, the work of preparation of estimates & tender documents for pre-construction work is being done by the project & as soon as the clearance from the two Govts is available. Estimate for the same has been prepared.

·         Work of SIA study for Bhunakha HEP has been awarded to National Statistical Bureau (NSB), Bhutan. Final report of SIA study has been received from NSB on 19th Dec’13 and the same has been submitted to DHPS, RGoB on 20th Dec’13.

·         Final DPR submitted to RGoB has been approved by the cabinet of RGoB on 18.02.14.

·         12th EJG meeting was held in Thimpu on 12.03.14.During meeting following issues on JV agreement were discussed.


Ø  The umbrella agreement for the execution of JV projects has been approved by the GOI Cabinet. However, GoI cabinet approval is necessary on case to case basis for committing funds in respect of any hydro project.

Ø MEA, GoI has already secured Cabinet clearance for Kholonchhu and second in line is Bunakha for seeking cabinet to go-ahead.                                                     

·         EIA- EMP and Social Impact Assessment study reports for Bunakha HEP has been submitted to National Environment Commission (NEC) by Department of Hydropower and Power Systems (DHPS) for processing Environmental clearance of Bunakha HEP.

·         After the presentation on EIA-EMP studies of Bunakha HEP before NEC, Bhutan on 27.03.2014 followed by a site visit on 31.03.2014, minutes of discussions and

comments on EIA-EMP have been received on 24.04.2014. Reply of these comments is being prepared for necessary incorporation in the report and submitting the final EIA-EMP report of Bunakha to NEC, RGoB.



Ø  Another meeting was called by National Environment Commission, Bhutan on 25.04.2014 in Thimphu, where THDCIL along with other stakeholders of RGoB participated to discuss the environment clearance related issues. All the issues regarding environment clearance were discussed. THDCIL requested NEC to expedite the clearance of the project.


Ø  Regarding forest clearance, a site visit was made on 30.04.2014 by the officials of  forest department of RGoB along with DGPC and THDClL officials.

·         Finalization of draft cabinet note and interest subsidy required for Bunakha HEP are under consideration at MEA, MoP. In a meeting held in May 2014, THDCIL informed MoP that Cost Sharing Mechanism has been approved by EJG in its 10th meeting as finalized by CEA and included in the IG agreement signed between two Govts.

·         More clarifications on the issue of interest subsidy and funding of Associated Transmission System (ATS) was desired by CEA and the same have been submitted to CEA on 19.05.14. A meeting on Associated Transmission System (ATS) of various hydro electric projects in Bhutan was held on 08.08.2014 under chairmanship of Member (Hydro), CEA. As per MOM dated 12.09.2014, the cost apportionment in ATS of Bunakha HEP has been reduced to ` 89.5 Cr from earlier `104.0 Cr.


·         The IG Agreement was signed in the month of April’14. Finalization of draft cabinet note and interest subsidy required for Bunakha HEP are under consideration at MEA, MoP. Once the cabinet gives its approval, a MoU will be signed for taking up the preconstruction activities for Bunakha HEP between the two JV partners i.e. THDCIL & DGPC.

·         During the process of Environment Clearance, National Environment Commission (NEC) of RGoB had raised few queries/comments on Bunakha EIA-EMP-SIA report

after the presentation by THDC on 27/03/2014 and a joint visit to project site. The comments issued by NEC have been forwarded to all concerned departments / consultants and replies thereof are being prepared for timely submission.

·         THDCIL Bhutan Unit organized a visit of ICFRE & Fish experts to Bhutan and arranged meetings with all above concerned RGoB departments for consultation on different issues raised by NEC, during 12-19 July-2014. During the visit Fish study was conducted in Wangchu River in Bunakha HEP project area u/s & d/s of proposed Bunakha dam site. Incorporation of the outcome of recent Bunakha site visit by ICFRE and Fishery Experts in EIA-EMP report of Bunakha HEP and expected to be completed by Dec’14. Thereafter, the final EIA/ EMP report will be submitted to NEC.

·         Clearance of Forest, Public, Culture and Dzongkha are pending for field verification survey. For this Chukha Dzongkhag Administration has already submitted the cost estimate of about Nu. 7.0 Lacs.

·         Equity contribution by downstream projects i.e. Chukha & Tala HEP’s in respect of Bunakha HEP was discussed during 13th EJG meeting. The equity contribution of cost apportioned to the D/s projects owned by RGoB to be provided by Gol as grant shall be further discussed at the Ambassador level meeting in Thimphu, Bhutan.


·         Final EIA & EMP report for Bunaka HEP has been sent to Department of Hydropower & Power Systems MoEA, RGoB, Thimphu on 28.01.2015.

·         Since site activities for present mandate has been completed, Bhutan Office of THDCIL has been closed from 30th Nov’14.

·          The original cost estimate of Bunakha HEP was at May 2013 PL, Updation at April’15 has been approved by CEA on 07.08.15.




Wind Power Initiatives:


·                  Towards diversification of the company into Renewable Energy areas, THDCIL Board has accorded approval for venture into Wind Energy sector. Accordingly, Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) has been appointed as consultant for 50 MW Capacity Wind Energy Farm Project.


Wind Resource Assessment Study:


·                  In order to assess wind power potential at Shahjahanpur Distt. in U.P., one 80 M tall tubular wind monitoring mast has been commissioned on 2nd March-13 at Bijouriya village site. Wind data monitoring has been completed. Consultant (C-WET) has submitted final report.

·                  Similarly, in order to assess wind power potential at Lakshmanpur village in District Lakhimpur Kheeri, Uttar Pradesh, one 80 M tall wind monitoring mast has been commissioned on 09th March-14 at Lakshamanpur village site. Wind data monitoring work has been completed.


Solar Power Initiatives:


In Madhya Pradesh:

·                  Deptt. of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of M.P. had allotted and issued registration letter for implementation of one Solar Power Project of 20 MW capacity in Cheetakkhera, Distt. Neemuch (M.P.) vide letter No. NRE/Solar/RFP-ii/155/2013/1147 dated 07.09.2013. Detailed Project Report (DPR) was submitted to MPNRE on 30.11.2013.

·                  THDCIL is pursuing for revival of registration for implementation of 20 MW capacity Solar Power Project in Cheetakkhera, Distt. Neemuch (M.P.) cancelled by Deptt. of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of M.P. on 17.07.2014



In Uttar Pradesh:

·                  A MOU is to be executed for formation of Joint Venture Company (JVC) between UPNEDA and THDCIL for implementation of Grid Connected Solar Power Project in Uttar Pradesh.

·                  Revised draft MoU as suggested by UPNEDA for formation of JV with UPNEDA for setting up Solar Power Project in Uttar Pradesh is to be re-submitted to UPNEDA on 14.11.2014 for finalization.

The matter is being followed up with GoUP.


In Kerala:


·                  A tripartite agreement amongst SECI, Kerala State Electricity Board and THDCIL has been signed on 31.03.2015 for development of 50 MW Solar project in Distt. Kasaragod, Kerala. THDCIL had released the initial payment of ` 7.165 Cr. to SECI.

·                  Action for obtaining possession of required land for development of 50 MW Solar project in  Distt. Kasaragod from Kerala Govt. is being pursued by Solar Energy Corporation of India. In the meanwhile SECI was requested to go ahead with tendering. The tendering was delayed due to state assembly election in Kerala state. 


·                  Possibility of inviting bids for acquisition of land for Solar Projects in peninsular region is under exploration.


Consultancy & Business Development :


·                  OHPC Limited: The Pre-Feasibility Report (PFR) for 3 Pumped Storage Schemes in the existing Power Stations under Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd. (OHPCL) has been completed and final reports submitted.

·                  NWDA: THDCIL has completed Power Potential and E&M Studies for 02 SHPs viz.  Bhugad and Khargihill Hydro Electric Project on Damanganga – Pinjal Link Project and final reports submitted to National Water Development Agency, Govt. of India.

·                  National Water Development Agency (NWDA) has awarded the consultancy work for carrying out the Power Potential and E&M Studies in respect of six Hydel projects proposed under Par–Tapi–Narmada link project. Power Potential Studies has been completed. E&M Studies work is in progress.




The expenditure incurred on New Projects till April-16, is ` 107.63Crs.




During April-16, an expenditure of ` 0.12Cr. has been incurred on New Projects against budget estimate provision of ` 0.81Cr.



·                  Coal linkage for Khurja STTP on priority.






1.           Mutation of 9.3 Ha. land by Distt. Administration and G.O. for transfer of 4.668 Ha. forest Land at Chopra Dumping area from GoUK is awaited.


·                  1st stage clearance has been given by Regional office, MoEF on 29.12.15.

·                  ` 50.20 lacs against compensatory afforestation on 9.3 Ha. Land deposited by THDC on 27th Jan 16.

·                  Identified 9.3 Ha non forest land for compensatory afforestation in lieu of 4.67Ha forest land is to be approved by DM (Tehri) and declare as reserve forest. Decision is still awaited.

2.          Support required from District Administration for mining work at Asena and day to day operations  at crushing plant.

·                  For taking up of construction of approach road and for other development works equipments were deployed by the contractor in Asena Quarry area on 05.02.2016.

·                  Work stopped by the local villagers of Asena / Devri village. Dharna near quarry area has been started by the local villagers on 08.02.2016 raising various fresh demands regarding rehabilitation, employment, training needs and financial help etc.

·                  Dharna is still continued. Mining operations have not been started.



·                  Regular support of Distt. Administration is required to prevent stoppage of work by the local people.



·                  After complied all the required measures/actions as per decision taken in the meeting chaired by Chief Secretary, GoUK on 03.09.14, formal permission of filling of reservoir upto EL 830.0m is awaited.



·                  Declaration of prohibited area around Koteshwar project.













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