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Current Status

Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project (4x111 MW) is a run-of-the-river scheme. It envisages construction of a 65 M high concrete diversion dam harnessing a gross head of 237 M on river Alaknanda (a major tributary of river Ganga). The project is located in district Chamoli in the state of Uttarakhand, 225 km from Rishikesh on NH-58.



·                     Capacity addition of 444 MW in the Northern Region, reducing peaking power shortage in the region.

·                     Annual Energy Generation of 1674 MU (90% dependable year).

·                     Integrated Development of Chamoli / Garhwal region in the areas of employment, communication, education, health, tourism, development of Flora & Fauna etc.

·                     Out of 13% free power, 1% shall be utilized for contribution towards local area development.



·                     THDCIL and GoUK entered into MOU on 8th April-03 for investigation & preparation of DPR.  Implementation agreement was signed on 2nd June-06.

·                     Commercial viability of the project was accorded by CEA in Feb-05. CEA accorded Techno-Economic clearance to the project in Sep-06.

·                     Investment approval to the project amounting to ` 2491.58 Cr has been accorded by CCEA on 21st Aug-08 at March-08 PL.

·                     Based on the recommendations of the study on cumulative impact assessment of Hydro power projects in Alaknanda & Bhagirathi basins up to Devprayag  on  environment  conducted  by  IIT,  Roorkee,  the  "Minimum Environmental Flow" has been revised by MOEF from 3 Cumecs to 15.65 Cumecs on 31st May-11.

·                     Stage-1 clearance of 80.507 Ha forest land has been accorded by MoEF on 3rd June-11 with fulfillment of the certain conditions.

·                     On compliance of above conditions, final approval for transfer of 80.507 Ha of forest land has been accorded by MoEF on 28th May 2013. 

·                     G.O. by GoUK for transfer of 80.507 Ha of forest land has been issued vide letter dated 6th Dec'13.

·                     Lease rent for 30 years and premium charges amounting to `4.53 Cr has been deposited with the concerned forest Deptts on dated 23rd Dec'13. Possession of 80.507 Ha. Forest land has been given to the Project by Forest Department vide letter dtd. 10.01.14. Field survey works for physical demarcation of forest land has also been completed at site.

·                     Draft lease deed has been submitted to Nodal Officer, GOUK on 29.01.14 for legal vetting.



The Revised Cost Estimate (RCE) amounting to ` 3745.08 Cr (including IDC & FC of ` 309.53 Cr) at Oct-11 PL was submitted to MOP on 28th Mar-12. The same  was forwarded to CEA by MOP for checking. Observations of CEA regarding IDC have been replied. CEA has communicated vide their letter dated 18th Sep-12 that RCE submitted may be treated as returned as approval of revised design energy may take time. During examination of revised hydrology report, CWC raised some observations. Observations of CEA prepared in consultation with IIT, Roorkee and have been  submitted to CEA.


4.0      MAJOR WORKS

Major civil works includes a 65 M high Concrete dam, 13.4 Km long Head Race Tunnel, 3.07 Km long Tail Race Tunnel, Spillway, Underground Power House & Transformer hall, 3 nos Sedimentation Chambers, U/S and D/S Surge Shafts. The layout plan of the project is enclosed as Exhibit - III.



·                     Construction of the project is proposed to be funded with a Debt: Equity ratio of 70:30. The Equity portion is to be shared by THDC and GOI in the ratio of 50:50.  Out of 50%, GOI and GOUP will participate in the ratio of 75: 25 respectively.

·                     For the funding of the debt portion (70 %) of the project, loan agreement for US $ 648 million has been signed with World Bank on 10th Aug-11. The loan has become effective from 7th Nov-11 with tenure of 29 years.  




M/S HCC has started mobilization of manpower and setup his office & camp at Pipalkoti.



·                     Geological investigations at all locations of the project and various required studies have been completed. Four meetings each of Project Review Panel (PRP) & three meetings of Social Expert Panel (ESP) have been held. Besides above, Project appraisal missions are being conducted by the World Bank from time to time.  Last mission was conducted between 16 - 19th May'2013.

     The Power House has been planned in Hat village (out of Dolomite zone) between Ch. 300 - 446 M.  Accordingly, cross drift (total 75 M) at new location at Ch. 410 M on R/S has been excavated. As part of intensive investigations, the drift has further been extended upto 90 M at Ch. 500 M. Cross cuts could not be completed due to hurdles created by Harsari villagers. To resolve the issue, DM (Chamoli) convened the meeting of Harsari villagers and issued instructions to plan drift / adit from outside the boundary of Harsari village.  

·                     Accordingly and also on recommendations of PRP to shift the Power House to PH #4 location, a new drift  avoiding Harsari village has been taken up and has been excavated up to a length of 300 RM out of 415 RM. The drift is expected to be completed by March'14.



The Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) policy of VPHEP is under implementation     through NGO Sri Bhuvenshwari Mahila Ashram, Anganisen. Monitoring Committee for implementation of Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP) has been constituted by DM  (Chamoli) .


Land Acquisition:

·                     A total of 132.029 Ha. Private land and forest land has been identified for acquisition.

·                     Out of total land, 19.883 Ha forest land and 31.639 Ha. private land, required for roads, bridges, colony area and project works etc. has been acquired.   

·                     Various skill up gradation & income restoration programs are being undertaken for livelihood promotion and better employment opportunities for the Project Affected People (PAP).  So far the trainings to PAPs have been imparted in the field of dairy farming, vermin composting, cutting & tailoring, knitting, croiler management, nepier grass production etc. Production of cash crops, promotion of tulsi for herbal medicines, horticulture activities, bee keeping, hotel management & short term vocational trainings in different fields have also been undertaken.


     Various community development programs in the affected villages are in progress comprising infra structure, drinking water supply, distribution of generators, school bags, sweaters etc. The scholarship (amount of ` 1.31 lacs & ` 2.49 lacs stands disbursed for the academic year 2011-12 & 2012-13, thus benefiting around 209 students from Project Affected Villages.  During the session 2013-14, 1st installment of scholarship stand disbursed among 157 students falling under meritorious, project affected and poor/vulnerable/girl student catogory in accordance of scholarship policy of VPHEP. 

·                     Under acquisition of 18.672 Ha. Hat village land, List of 66 PAF's (out of 82 PAF's) has been certified by District authorities. 1st installment of special package has been released among 57 PAF's (out of 66), 2nd installment released to 54 PAFs and 3rd installment released to 7 PAF (who have demolished their old houses).  54 PAF's have constructed their houses. Till date 44 PAFs have shifted to new occupancy from village Haat.

·                     Entitlement verification of first batch of applicants of left out eligible PAF's entitled for special package has been completed by Committee formed by DM (Chamoli). Committee has recommended names of 10 PAF's eligible for special package. Agreement has already been signed with 7 PAFs and for other 3 PAFs agreement is under process. Meanwhile, 4 PAF's have received Single & Final Installment of `10 Lacs. The PAF's are already residing in their alternate houses.

·                     In addition, R&R assistance of ` 10 lacs have been disbursed among 2 PAF's after demolition of their old houses at Harsari village.


Infrastructure Works:


·                      All four bridges (at Tunli for Adit - III, bridge at Dam site, Hat bridge for Power House, Surge Shaft, TRT and Colony and Birahi Bridge near TRT) have been completed. Out of various roads planned under stage- II & III, road leading from NH- 58 to Tunli bridge, L/B road from NH - 58 to Dam site bridge & Dam bridge to dump yard, L/B road from NH-58 to Lungsi Bridge and widening of L/B road from NH-58 to Hat bridge & thereafter on R/B to colony/Power House have been completed. Formation cutting on R/B road from Tunli bridge to Guniyala village (approach to Adit-III) was also completed.                                                                  

·                     Construction of main Permanent Field hostel, "A" type Field hostel, Temporary office building/Executive FH, Pre-fabricated Office buildings/Non-executive Field Hostel, Shops (for PAF's), recreation Club building and P&T exchange have been completed. The work of upper terrace of main administrative office building alongwith modular furniture has been completed, while work at lower terrace is under progress. Other infrastructure development works i.e. Guest House, 12 nos. 'B' type Qtrs, works of internal Colony Roads etc. are also under progress.  

·                     Regarding 5 MVA load each for Dam site and Power House site, line route plan for tower line has been given to UPCL. After development of terrace for substation, work of earth matting has been completed on 26.06.2013 where as supply/installation of various equipments are under progress. The work of sub-station building at Power House site has also been started at site.

·                     The process of ongoing works is very adversely affected due to heavy current monsoon & frequently blockade / damages of National Highway (NH 58) at various locations.

Award of Main Works:


·                     Project shall be got executed through two separate EPC contracts:

1.            Civil works and Hydro - Mechanical works :


     Letter of Acceptance for EPC Contract for Civil & HM works has been issued to M/S HCC Ltd on 19.12.13 and agreement has been signed on 17.01.14.


2.            Electro - Mechanical works :


·                     Prequalification of bidders has been completed and bidding documents have been issued to seven prequalified bidders on 3rd Feb-14.

·                     Contract Agreement for Design Review Consultancy Package has been signed on 28th Dec-13 with M/S SMEC International Pty Ltd, Australia.


Advance Action Taken:


·                     As an advance action till EPC contract is awarded, stabilization of benches works in inlet area and required excavation at outlet area of Diversion tunnel have been completed.

·                     Work of open excavation for portal of Exploratory Tunnel to De-Silting Chamber has been completed.  



The expenditure incurred on VPHEP Project till Jan-14 is ` 383.29 Crs including IDC & FC of  ` 25.69Cr.




The project is planned to be commissioned in 54 months from the date of signing of Contract for Civil & HM package.




During Jan-14, an expenditure of ` 3.80 Cr. has been incurred on VPHEP against revised budget estimate of ` 4.67 Cr. while cumulative expenditure upto Jan-14 is ` 40.33 against revised budget estimate of ` 44.19 Cr.