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Tehri Hydro Power Complex (2400 MW), comprises the following components:

1.      Tehri Dam & Hydro Power Plant (1000 MW)

2.      Koteshwar Hydro Electric Project (400 MW) 

3.      Tehri Pumped Storage Plant (PSP) (1000 MW)

Govt. of India approved the implementation of Tehri Dam & HPP (1000 MW) in March, 1994 along with committed works of Koteshwar HEP and essential works of Tehri PSP, as Stage-I of Tehri Hydro Power Complex. All the four units of Tehri Power Station were commissioned in the year 2006-07. This project has become the landmark and pride of the Nation as a whole.


Two Units of Koteshwar HEP were commissioned in Mar, 2011 and 3rd and 4th unit were commissioned in Jan, 2012 and Mar, 2012 respectively.


The essential works of Tehri PSP have already been completed along with Tehri Dam & HPP Stage-I. Major works of the Project are being executed through a single EPC contract. Contract for EPC/Turnkey execution of the Project has been awarded to consortium of M/S Alstom Hydro France and Hindustan Construction Company on 23rd June-2011. Work on the project has commenced w.e.f 27th Jul,2011. 


Benefits from the Tehri Hydro Power Complex

·         Addition to the installed generating capacity in the Northern Region 

(1000 MW on completion of Tehri Stage-I)


2400 MW

  • Annual energy availability (Peaking)
    (2797 MU on completion of Tehri Stage-I)

5220 MU

  • Irrigation (additional)

2.70 Lac.ha.

  • Stabilisation of existing irrigation
    (besides above)

6.04 Lac.ha.

  • Additional Generation in downstream Projects

200 MU

  • 300 Cusecs (162 million gallons per day) of drinking water for Delhi which will meet the requirements of about 40 lac people.
  • In addition, 200 Cusecs (108 million gallons per day) of drinking water for towns and villages of U.P. which will meet the requirement of 30 Lac people.
  • Flood Moderation

·         Integrated development of Garhwal region, including construction of a new hill station town with provision of all civic facilities; improved communication, education, health, tourism, development of horticultures, fisheries, and afforestation of the region.


TEHRI  DAM & HPP (1000 MW) (Under Operation)  

Tehri Dam & HPP (1000 MW) comprises a 260.5 M high Earth & Rockfill dam which is one of the highest dams of its type in the world, a Spillway System designed for PMF of 15540 cumecs and a drop of 220m, having one Chute Spillway and four Shaft Spillways and an underground Power House housing four Turbine/ Generator sets of 250 MW each, designed to operate with a head variation of 90 m.

Project was commissioned in 2006-07 and all four machines of Tehri Power Station are under commercial operation. Besides providing much needed power to the Northern Grid, the command area is availing irrigation benefits from the Project and drinking water is being supplied to Delhi and UP.



All four units (Unit-IV, Unit-III, Unit-II & Unit-I) were synchronized with the Northern Grid in July’ 06, Oct’06, Jan’07 & Mar’07 and are in commercial operation w.e.f. 22nd Sep’06, 9th Nov’06, 30th March’07 & 9th July’ 07 respectively.