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THDC India Limited.,

Koteshwar Dam Porject

Koteshwarpuram, Tehri

Uttarachal, Tehri Garhwal


Phone : 01378 - 231534, 231536, 231537

E-Mail : koteshwarproj@thdc.gov.in


THDC India Limited

(A Joint Venture of Govt. of India & Govt. of U.P.)

Koteshwar Hydro Electric Project

Koteshwarpuram, Distt. Tehri Garhwal (Uttrakhand)

Phone: (01378) 231439,231294 Fax: (01378) 231439,231337



Tender No. - 112  /C&MM/KHEP/THDC/2010-11


THDC  invites open tenders from  Manufacturer(s)/  their authorized  dealers of  M/s KOTSON,EMCO & ALSTOM for   Supply of 500 KVA out door type step down Transformer” through its portal online, on website www.tenderwizard.in/THDC, details of items are as mentioned below: -






‘2 nos 500 KVA out door type step down Transformer’                        

02 Nos.


Delivery required

Within 08 weeks after receipt of confirmed order 

Estimated cost

Rs 18 lac

Earnest Money Deposit             

Rs 36000.00

Tender cost

Rs  568.00

Tender Documents available     

on web site

From  26.02.11            , 10.00 Hrs

To  26.03.11                   , 13.00 Hrs

Submission of Bids                    

Upto 14.00 Hrs on   26.03.11

Opening of Bids                          

on  26.03.11                   at 15.00 Hrs.


Note-: (1)To participate in the tenders of THDC India LTD. through e-tendering the   suppliers are requested to log on to our web site and register themselves on the e-tendering web site : www.tenderwizard.in/THDC

                      For more details on e-tendering please contact Sh Virendra kumar, Ph no-  9760486249(m)

                          (2) Corrigendum/ notice in regards to above NIT , if any, shall be published on THDC web site www.thdc.gov.in  &  www.tenderwizard.in/THDC only.     


         Sr. Manager (C&MM)

                    Koteshwar Hydro Electric Project

                    THDC I LTD. Limited

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